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From Brilliant & Broke to Inspired & Abundant is an ideal Christmas gift offering glimpses into ordinary people’s lives who have overcome many obstacles. This is a gift of hope for the ordinary person and perfect for those looking for inspiration in the year ahead.  Start your Christmas shopping early and Order your copy now. 
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About the Book

Andrew Jobling has gathered 16 inspiring individuals from vastly different backgrounds and life experiences and compiled their short stories in one inspiring book: From Brilliant & Broke to Inspired & Abundant. 
Success may be measured in many different ways and insights into the journey that gets you there abound. As one of the 16 authors, my own insights are shared in chapter 8 - ’From striving to thriving through humour, hard work, hope and a splattering of humility’. 

The forward is written by Allan Pease, international speaker and author of 18 bestsellers, who says;
'This book really resonated with me. What I love most is that it’s about everyday people. These inspiring people had the courage to make some changes in their lives, tell their stories, be vulnerable and help others who may be in the same situation.'

Here’s what some successful people are saying:

‘There is something in this book for everyone — whether you want to improve your health, your relationships, career or finances, or to recover from a major setback. Be inspired by these wonderful people, learn from their experiences, take advantage of their ideas and advice, and watch yourself go from brilliant and broke to inspired and abundant.’
Allan Pease, international speaker & author of 18 best-selling books

‘In this book, Andrew has collated a collection of sixteen real-life short stories that illustrate the importance of simply never giving up in your climb to success. The real stories in this great book are written by real people who have and are living them daily. These stories illustrate that it’s not your past that defines you. What you do next and how you tackle your daily challenges defines who you become and the ultimate chances of reaching your goals. The stories highlight the importance of creating a vision for where you want to be, holding on to that vision and never giving up on your vision. Failure is an important part of the journey to achieving your vision. I call it failing forward.’
Andrew Darbyshire, Chairman & MD of Pacsoft and Chairman & Founder of Caitlin’s Retreat

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